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Useful tips for getting a luxurious look of an outfit


Useful tips for getting a luxurious look of an outfit

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Today I have a slightly different story for you. I suggest we sneak behind the scenes of the sophisticated look. I will show you how I prepare my styling for the day, and will share useful tips for achieving an elegant and luxurious look of an outfit.

As you will see, mission is possible. Besides – not necessarily wearing luxury brands from head to toe, designer outfits and extraterrestrial technologies. As promised, here are my tried-and-tested tips:


  • Choose beautiful, high-quality fabrics
  • Make sure size of the garment is absolutely accurate
  • Buy 1-2 stylish, statement, accessories from a premium segment brand
  • Take care of garments following the label instructions
  • Opt for dressed ironed clothes – test and see that quality ironing does wonders, emphasizes the cut, makes the fabric stand out in the best way and makes it look classy
  • Take good care of your skin and hair (this is slightly sideways but complements the overall sensation and allure and, always helps)
  • Wear confidently and with a smile 🙂


Honestly, in my busy everyday life, filled with a plenty of tasks and commitments, I find it hard to spend a lot of time in housekeeping. That’s why I have a trusted associate in this cause – the steam generator iron by Philips.
This high-end appliance makes ironing super easy and completely safe even for the most delicate fabrics. Especially I like the steam that softens even the most stubborn pleats. The iron is so light vertical ironing, even for a long time, is not a problem at all!

I’ve always selected sustainable things in life, quality fabrics, the right choice of items in my home. My wardrobe is rich in fabrics like silk, cotton, wool, linen, cashmere. Different, beautiful and delicate. Best of all, the steam generator iron can iron any of these items without any specific adjustments and regardless of their sequence. It becomes fast, easy, without temperature adjustment and most of all: without the risk of burning fabrics.

It happens so often: my phone ringing, having to respond to an emergency email, answering the door to a courier with a shipment, leaving urgently and in no time – preparing a full suitcase with clothes. In all these situations, my iron is a faithful and reliable ally, makes my life easier, and it helps me to have more time.

Did you use it? If you not yet, you can now do so. The appliance is so good that Philips offers a 60-day trial and return within this period.

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