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Designers radar: sneak peek with Thumbelina


Designers radar: sneak peek with Thumbelina

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I am very happy because I can finally tell you about the meeting with two young and cool fashion designers. Together with Marti, we visited their studio in Sofia last summer, but the time for publishing the story was not coming. So, today we will get a sneak peek to the Bulgarian brand Thumbelina.

In fact, you know the main reason for me to start the blog was meeting and being in contact with young designers.

Everything you look at can be turned into a story … you can make a tale of everything you touch.

This is the message on one of the brand labels. If you’re wondering why – the answer is that the inspiration for the collections comes from fairy tales, from their characters and heroes, from their stories, from years of childhood.

The girls told me that in order for a collection to be born, starting point is a fairy tale. When they choose it, studies begin – about the age, the fabrics, the colors, the silhouettes. All this is aligned with their own taste, knowledge, as well as the style and lifestyle of the dynamic contemporary woman. The fabrics and all the garment elements are carefully selected by the 2 founders of the brand.

Actually, Nadejda and Angelena have their own personal story. Life gathered them in junior high school where, between games, homework and lessons, the two girls began to draft their first business plans. Almost like a joke they called each other “Thumbelina” without suspecting that one day this will become the name of their own brand.

Girls say their idea is that garments they create are complementary. Since they are made of quality fabrics, each season can be upgraded and supplemented in a harmonious capsule wardrobe. For the moment, the brand also has clothes for young little ladies, and recently the team grew with one more member after Nadejda became mom for the second time.


Photos: Martina Todorova


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