The dreamy destination: Mexico with Billyana Trayanova

Today I will tell you about one dreamy destination. I met Billyana Trayanova, the charismatic founder and anchor of the TV show No Luggage, between two trips, a summer afternoon, and while we were drinking fresh lemonade, we were immersed in stories of distant destinations and unknown lands. Instantly, I felt like thousand miles away. Billyana was such a fascinating storyteller that my mind began painting pictures and I immediately wanted to book my next trip and begin to plan its route. Our conversation turned to Mexico, and I’m eager to share it with you:

How I got back the radiance and the freshness of my skin in few easy steps

Couple of months ago stress and lack of sleep, combined with endless summer literally ruined my skin. I was looking at the mirror and could not recognize myself – my face with that dry and grey skin. I realized it was time for urgent reaction. I remembered my friends from studies in France – they were using little makeup, always reading in detail the ingredients of the products and believed the most important for being good-looking is the beautiful skin.

Life is more beautiful in Paris

Today i am sharing with you some thoughts about life and the capital of France, inspired by my latest trip. In recent years, it has been so rare for me to spend a few free hours just taking my time and walking in Paris. When I go there for Fashion Week or other special events, time is always scrapped until the last minute, and it seems like there is no possibility for slowing the pace, stopping and contemplating the moment.
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A week in Milano

  Вчера беше нашето събитие – с първия ден на италианската модна седмица показахме нещо ново и неочаквано. Заедно с младата и талантлива дизайнерка Славина Петрова създадохме мини капсулна колекция Седмица в Милано вдъхновена от едно от най-значимите мероприятия за всички, които обичат модата и стила. Замислихме колекцията така, че в един куфар да съберем всичко, което ни трябва, за да обезпечим една модна седмица през всеки един момент от денонощието: излизането сутрин, задължителното кафе,...
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Mtel is looking for a designer

This article is available in Bulgarian. И, ето че дойде моментът, в който мога да ви споделя голямата новина! Проектът, в който се включих с най-голямо удоволствие! Сигурно се питате защо Мтел търси дизайнер? Защото телекомът стартира конкурс за дизайн на униформите на служителите в магазините. Освен, че ще се изправи пред едно наистина интересно творческо предизвикателство, победителят в конкурса ще спечели и 4000 лева.