The impossible combinations or how to instantly refresh our style this summer

The topic of impossible combinations has always raised my attention. In fact, which are these combinations? Some time ago, this way are named combinations of colors which were considered inappropriate, incorrect, briefly – impossible to be put together. After that there was the great Yves Saint Laurent who actually showed the world this type of combos is perfectly possible and these colors put together look amazing. So, today, I am about to share with you two impossible combinations namely red & pink and blue & black!

How did my life change when I dyed my hair pink

In fact, it is a bit like the question of the hen and the egg: I do not know if I dyed my hair pink because I had already started to change or changed after dying it. The truth is, I’ve always been tempted by the idea of ​​pink hair – since the times No Doubt video Simple Kind of Life came out and Gwen Stefani was fabulously pretty with cotton candy like hair. Over the past years, together with my hairdresser Georgi, we have made various experiments, we were putting a little pink in blond until...
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Help, it’s bathing suit time!

Sounds familiar? Every year, at about the same time, the pleasant euphoria of the upcoming vacation, beach and sea is mixed with the inconvenience of that moment when you have to show up in bathing suit! This year, it was a double challenge, because of the invitation from Serdika Center to shoot for the summer video catalog of the mall, try to guess… in a bathing suit!
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A week in Milano

  Вчера беше нашето събитие – с първия ден на италианската модна седмица показахме нещо ново и неочаквано. Заедно с младата и талантлива дизайнерка Славина Петрова създадохме мини капсулна колекция Седмица в Милано вдъхновена от едно от най-значимите мероприятия за всички, които обичат модата и стила. Замислихме колекцията така, че в един куфар да съберем всичко, което ни трябва, за да обезпечим една модна седмица през всеки един момент от денонощието: излизането сутрин, задължителното кафе,...
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Mtel is looking for a designer

This article is available in Bulgarian. И, ето че дойде моментът, в който мога да ви споделя голямата новина! Проектът, в който се включих с най-голямо удоволствие! Сигурно се питате защо Мтел търси дизайнер? Защото телекомът стартира конкурс за дизайн на униформите на служителите в магазините. Освен, че ще се изправи пред едно наистина интересно творческо предизвикателство, победителят в конкурса ще спечели и 4000 лева.