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Frédéric Malle and the 3 conditions


Frédéric Malle and the 3 conditions

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The post today is inspired by Frédéric Malle and his approach to creating fragrances along with some of the greatest contemporary perfume-makers.

When I was writing about niche perfumes, I was browsing the EPFM website which I found quite interesting. In a video presentation, Mr. Malle said he would never publish a perfume that is not:

super chic


very sexy



I figured out how many tangible and intangible things would be more meaningful if they met these three conditions. We should keep in mind, these definitions are predominant in the luxury/premium segment of goods and services, but we can always get inspired by them.

As well as the sentence that wearing a perfume is an essential part of elegance.


Photos: Martina Todorova



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