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Why are fashion weeks important?


Why are fashion weeks important?

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How important are the fashion weeks  in your opinion? Throughout the years I’ve witnessed diametrically opposed views on the subject.

I know for sure, I will always remember the date of October 1, 2015, because then a long-waited dream came true: I visited my first show during Paris Fashion Week. It was the show of talented and very charismatic French designer Barbara Bui. I think I will never forget that feeling of sincere and genuine happiness when I left Le Grand Palais and headed to the hotel …

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Beyond aesthetic and creative moments, over the years I have seen much broader side of the fashion industry. On one hand, I’ve always been inspired and admire the designers I meet. On the other hand, entering this field, I began to see the whole ecosystem, the interconnections and the mechanisms, the marketing and the business aspect. Indeed, it is very impressive that, for example,

in France, with 1 million jobs, fashion represents 2.7% of GDP. This way it outpaces the automotive industry (EUR 39 billion turnover) and aeronautics (EUR 102 billion) put together.

In fact, PFW is the longest of the fashion weeks – its duration is 9 days, and with over 80 shows in the official schedule only, it is statistically impossible to visit everything. Therefore, similar views in the press center of the event are not unusual. 😉

More interesting details and statistics on the topic can be found in my article for Webcafe (in Bulgarian) by clicking here. Take a look at the blog gallery for some Fashion weeks’ highlights.


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  1. I think fashion week are really important, even if now they are changing they structure sometimes! I remember too my feelings when I saw my first fashion show in Milan and you know what?? It's quite like this every time I attend a show from a brand that I like! Can't wait to see you in Paris dear! XOXO Cami

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