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Designers radar: THEY ARE


Designers radar: THEY ARE

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They ARE/ who ARE They?

Founded in 2016 by Martina Bonev & Hristina Chekova. They ARE is an independent fashion label dedicated to style, aesthetics and femininity.

United by the interest in fashion and art, they created a small design studio. This is where every client has the opportunity to peer into the atmosphere where the whole work process takes place. The studio has a showroom and a work area. The young designers admit they are always ready to work on something new and strive to give all of themselves in order to achieve perfection.

Styleinspiratrice: What inspires you in 2018?
They ARE: The development of fashion in the 80s and 90s and the aesthetic strategy of deconstructivism.


SI: The news will you share with us:
Our pink trench coat on the front row of Virgil Abloh’s debut collection for Louis Vuitton.


Fashion should be sustainable because:

The fashion industry is known to be one of the world’s biggest polluters. Sustainable fashion must be the result of a personal (and at the same time generally acknowledged) philosophy of love for nature through clothing.

Your favorite occupation:
The beginning of the design process for each new collection.


Your idea of happiness:
Do what you love.

Your favorite color:
Each season has its own color, and we love to work in seasons.

Your biggest luxury
The time.

Your idea of elegance

Only need a fine silhouette, gentle texture, detail.


Your style secret

Aesthetics is the foundation of a well-established style. Everyone senses it and breaks it. Style expresses emotions and the way a person perceives theirselves. It unites, but at the same time gives a very clear individuality.

What should we wear in 2018?

This season’s item is “Trench coat”. It can be worn in the classic look as a jacket, and could be a substitute for the dress. The important thing here is the selection of fabrics that will be in sync with the summer season like satin, silk, and more.

Photos: Martina Todorova


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