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At times like that, I ask myself: what would Snoop Dogg do? *


At times like that, I ask myself: what would Snoop Dogg do? *

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Spontaneously I decide to put on something bold, colorful, vibrant, and playful, with prints and to mix contrasts… this is how to wear the new KENZO x H&M collection.

Has this happened to you

living with that feeling something beautiful is about to happen? Have you ever dreamt so audacious you have no words to express? Being here and now while your spirit is somewhere else, asking million questions?

So, at times like that, I ask myself: what would Snoop Dogg do?


Naturally, I can barely imagine what would he do in a daily situation, but I could guess what he would put on. 😉 At this very moment I found the perfect elements to combine – the eye-catching pink hat with key print of famous KENZO tiger stripes, total black outfit, man leather pilot jacket and the most bling-bling booties I could find.

styleinspiratrice_kenzoxhm-7 styleinspiratrice_kenzoxhm-1 styleinspiratrice_kenzoxhm-2

Jacket and hat are part of KENZO x H&M collaboration which is mixing in unique way tradition, urban energy, freshness, plenty of colors, prints and playfulness. The whole collection is a reference to the heritage of most iconic pieces of KENZO with a modern attitude, classical expressive look, animal prints and florals which can enlighten even the darkest winter. Collection will be available on 3 November 2016 in over 250 H&M stores worldwide as well as online. My hint is to take a look at men’s section as well – there are awesome things there.


And even if not all my questions were answered, pink in hair faded to blond, landscapes changes, something remained unfailing: There’ll be ups and downs, smiles and frowns. Snoop Dogg


* For people who are less familiar with me, fact I like Snoop Dogg, his music and total nonchalance and self-irony, is a kind of a mystery.

I was wearing: Hat and leather jacket – KENZO x H&M, boots – André

Photos: Martina Todorova

Special thanks to and the bloger @lestendancesdelilou – this article (in French) will also be available on . A site about fashion, beauty, lifestyle and bons plans, go and take a look!


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