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M2V: Inspiration is work, work, and nothing but hard work


M2V: Inspiration is work, work, and nothing but hard work

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Today I will show you what stands behind a creation of a brand and a fashion collection. This is why, Martina and I went to the atelier of these young and talented designers from M2V.

Here is their story:


What lies behind a piece of an outfit?
We want the clothes we create to inspire, beatify, refresh and communicate. This is fashion for anytime – for the moments we are in good mood or in despair and when it’s time for inspiration.

We try to encourage creativity of the clients by participation in the process of designing and styling of the garments, but also when it comes to personalizing their personal look.

Create fashion means also to educate fashion.

We understand modern women, men and children need for fashion which is unique and for which creation they have been the designers.  We work with innovation, creativity and dream which we incorporate in the design. This makes people to become creative, artists, original every time, different from the mass and having own character.

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Who are the people who recognize themselves as М2V people?
People who want to be well dressed and wearing clothes with modern design an urban look, made of high quality natural materials and worked-out with excellence. Often these are young, dynamic personalities who are creative and have respect to art and expressed flair to style and dressing. An art director, actor, jazz singer who you can meet in an architect studio, a gallery, on a festival, in piano bar, at opera. This people have the spirit of traveling, of the collected and continuously gathered knowledge, experience and culture, of refined style and spirit of freedom.

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You are saying that creation of a collection is a kind of algorithm. What does this mean?

The inspiration is work, work, and nothing but hard work. Creation of a fashion collection is a process with its own algorithm. For creating design it is important to be up-to-date in all spheres of the art and culture, this is not only necessary but a must – a pre-condition. This is the first step of the algorithm. Next comes a continuous research of the trends in fashion, interior design, architecture, cinema, theater, the colors, the fabrics, the constructions, and the follow-up of innovations for every new season. In fashion one should work with half a year, even one year ahead. For every collection we are creating a mood-board and a target board. We are choosing tissues, we draw sketches, and we define the models. After that we create a sample of each model which we use for adjustments and improvements until the full collection is completed. WE work on the styling, the photo shooting, and the presentation and finally the collection gets to the store for the works of young designers. Our collections show one or couple pieces from each of the articles.

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What is your story? 
We worked together for the first time while attending the master class of a German lady-professor. The class took place when at same time we were in the fashion master’s program. Our collection was presented as the last exhibit and as the best piece of the works of the master class.  The support of lecturers of such top level (from the master’s program and also of other names from abroad) as well as our belief that we can work together well as a team, has created M2V – Made to be viewed.

What we have in common is our passion for fashion, our attitude to life and desire for evolution.

We take our work for vocation and a way to show our vision on the garment, clean cut and the detail. For us fashion is like a religion and philosophy for life. We are fond of classical inspiration, graphical images and innovative design.

We rely on quality fabrics and good finishing. М2V is a niche market for the woman who has a strong personal identity and knows what to wear and what is her personal signature. And we know how to laugh together.

What will be the winter of M2V?  


M2V collection presents clean oversize silhouettes majorly inspired by Beyond pale* trend, boho style and minimalism.

Boho design brings love for art, creativity, colors and free spirit. This style has always been connected with artists, musicians, writers and designers.

Models in this collection are in pastel-natural colors with elegant urban look. It is characteristic the combination of fabrics – silk, jersey, cashmere, presented into layers. A mix of pastel colors and fabrics filled with sex-appeal and creativity. Lots of outfits can be created with this collection by combining together different pieces from it.

M2V participated in Sofia Fashion Week – here is my story.

Photos: Martina Todorova

*Sentence “beyond the pale” is dated back in the 14th century when boundary in the side of Ireland is marked with fences. Traveling beyond that boundary was meaning to leave behind all rules and institutions of the English society which Englishmen considered synonym of civilization itself, in other words: outside of established standards.

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