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About golden-haired princes, the city and something more…


About golden-haired princes, the city and something more…

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Today’s post is dedicated to a meeting with an inspiring young lady, founder of the fashion house, which has been making me dreaming for years when passing by the showroom on 50A, Gladstone Str. Hearing the name of Viara makes me immediately think of dresses which are both feminine and bold, gently ethereal and dynamically urban.

In 2005, Viara Georgieva founded FEDE – a fashion label where each garment embodies a sense of artistry, romance, ease and the trends of the world fashion scene. Before that Viara went to Milan Fashion School ISTITUTO MARANGONI, worked in design teams of VERSACE Sport and Cappopera couture, lived the magic of fashion weeks in Milan by participating in the preparation of fashion shows for Ferre, Costume Nacional, etc. In March Fede got the Golden Needle award for fashion house of the year.

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Where does the inspiration for your latest collection come from?

And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry – “The Little Prince”

The new collection of the brand – Little Princess is exciting and gentle, inspired by the masterpiece of French author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry – “The Little Prince”.
The idea of ​​a golden tale through the eyes of a golden-haired boy was born during one of my trips to Milan. There, I bumped into a skillfully made little gold flower – a piece of Italian jewelry masters. I lost my sleep for several nights, and the idea was a fact! At that time, I was re-reading a wonderful, very beautiful edition of the magic book “The Little Prince”, which was a gift from a very dear person, at the right time. So, the golden flower and beautiful fabrics which I found, somehow magically and effortlessly got incorporated into one very symbolic collection for me.

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My creative team is working on two more collections: Black Star – designed for the special evening moments of each stylish princess and the Casual collection – for spring urban walks …

How was FEDE born?

During my studies in Milan I was really lucky to work and learn from great people and professionals.

Inspiration was everything that was happening to me in this wonderful city that seems to live in the name of fashion and beauty …

So I decided to create my own brand. For me, it was very important to give a glamorous start to FEDE in Sofia. My strong desire and perseverance, and a piece of luck, made me meet wonderful people with whom I started and am realizing this project till today.

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Based on your observations, what is the development of the Bulgarian fashion market?

I am glad there are lots of young talented people who find their way of expression and development via their own interesting and strong projects. It is nice there are events, organizations and platforms in place to help precisely the development of these small brands with lots of potential and bright future ahead. I am convinced joint efforts always give better and more satisfying results. Future lies in working in one direction and cooperating in order to expand the market opportunities for the high-quality Bulgarian brands.

Who is your favorite designer? Which one of the big fashion capitals inspires you most?

Karl Lagerfeld is one of my favorite characters – as a person and an artist. I love the work of lots of designers with different and often very radical convictions and I’ve been following with pleasure and interest all the big names. Milan remains my favorite fashion capital.
I really do like the combination of urban and fairy in your collections! How do you manage to keep that balance?

Via imbalance in the right dose. I love mixing styles, fabrics which, at first sight, do not match, but put together create this magical look that is so influent. The style I create is committed to my sense of balance and beauty.

Styleinspiratrice_ViaraGeorgieva_ITW (10) Styleinspiratrice_ViaraGeorgieva_ITW (11) Styleinspiratrice_ViaraGeorgieva_ITW (12)
For you, as a designer, what is the higher recognition?
The most valuable recognition for me is every random encounter with these gorgeous ladies wearing a garment created by me. These moments inspire me.

I am grateful to my profession which makes me meet every single day this marvelous opportunity to dress women with style and vision of beauty.

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It is a very precious recognition and honor for me the Golden Needle 2016 award which I got for Fashion house of the year. A wonderful moment for me and the whole team I’ve been working with is the recognition and confidence given to us by the Fashion academy and prof. Lubomir Stoykov who gave is that award.

What is your wish for fashion in Bulgaria?

I wish all Bulgarian brands development, inspiration and strength!

And that’s my sneak peek of what is about to come  ; ) keep following, guys!

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Photos: Martina Todorova


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