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How to: always have great hair?


How to: always have great hair?

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Some time ago I read successful lady invests in five key things: good pension fund, comfortable mattress, high-quality shoes, a good dentist and trusted hairdresser. As a matter of fact, this theory is quite logical.

Speaking of hairdresser I think I’m very lucky because Georgi Petkov is the man thanks to whom my hair not only looks good but is really in great shape.
In 2013 in the US I found a brand whose products had caught my attention firstly with their look and feel and fragrance and after that with their beneficial effects on my hair. The brand is Morrocanoil, and the MO treatment is a product I use almost every day, any time I feel the need to refresh my hair and give shine to its lengths.

During Paris fashion week I had the pleasure to enjoy a styling day with top MO expert and creative design team educator Franck Perez. The main products he used to style my hair with were luminous hair spray which protects the hair when using a hair-styling iron and a small amount of dry shampoo in the lengths – for additional volume and texture.


I totally adore that hairstyle – makes me feel like Blake Lively! 🙂OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
I admit dry shampoos are among my desktop products because they save time and stress in busy and dynamic moments and, time is priceless. I’ve tested a variety of products from different brands, price segments, textures. In fact, finding a dry shampoo that simultaneously absorbs, refreshes, smells good and leaves no particles in the hair is not an easy task.
In Morrocanoil product range there is a dry shampoo for light and dark hair tones. The difference is that for light hair there is a subtle violet undertone to balance brassiness and saves us blondes of “yellowing”. As for the brunettes, version is with a slightly brownish tint, so there are no white marks remaining after spraying into the roots.

Styleinspiratrice_MO_shampooing sec (2)
The mission of dry shampoo is to refresh hair and to absorb the oily roots. In the MO version this basic function is complemented by the fact that it does not leave any dust particles in the roots (due to the fact  formula is based on fine rice starch, which is degraded after application) and the product has the signature luxury fragrance of the brand.
As for me, I prefer to apply my dry shampoo just before going to bed and in the morning I wake up with refreshed hair. Stylists give another tip, which also works very well: after application, you can blow dry the roots for more volume and styled hair.


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