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Behind the scenes of Sofia Fashion Week


Behind the scenes of Sofia Fashion Week

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Because very often the best moments happen off the runway!

Sofia Fashion Week provoked quite divergent reactions, comments and questions. As the first event of its kind it set ambitious goals, made the first step, but only time will show what will be the results. Within three days I saw various designers and brands in a very dynamic and busy schedule with many fashion shows.
Honestly, I missed some of the young talented representatives of Bulgarian fashion design but am sure there will be occasions to meet them and share this experience here with you. Today’s article is not about presenting the fashion week – there were lots of publications, photos and comments on the topic. For me, it has always been interesting to see what happens behind the scenes, how is such a show put in place. I am happy to share with you couple of moments we shot with Victor during the 3rd day of Sofia Fashion Week:

The event took place during some of the hottest days of September, with lots of people involved in the process, models, makeup artists, hairdressers, shows.

Styleinspiratrice_SofiaFashionWeek (6) Styleinspiratrice_SofiaFashionWeek (8)For me it was particularly challenging as my knee was still not doing quite well and every step was a huge effort. However, I wanted to look as fresh and beautiful as possible in order to compensate this inconvenience*.

Styleinspiratrice_SofiaFashionWeek (2) Styleinspiratrice_SofiaFashionWeek (3)

What a lovely surprise to meet on of the best makeup artists ever! So happy :)))

Styleinspiratrice_SofiaFashionWeek (5)

Vital essentials: cell phone, magenta lipstick, micellar water Sensibio H2O and a bag from the latest collection of Colours of my life.

Styleinspiratrice_SofiaFashionWeek (7)

So, this is how a got refreshed and in a good shape. The micellar water of Bioderma is a life-saver and one of my best allies for having clean and fresh skin**.
Meanwhile, this is what was happening in the big hall which, couple of hours late, would host 22 fashion shows:

Styleinspiratrice_SofiaFashionWeek (9)

Here I met the charming young actress Milena Ermenkova, who has been living with the emotion of the fashion week over the last 3 days. I couldn’t help but ask her how did she manage to look so fresh despite this busy schedule, the start of the new theater season*** and her family commitments:

Styleinspiratrice_SofiaFashionWeek (10)

Milena: In May I was on a location shooting for a movie project and the makeup artist was using the products of Bioderma – this is how I knew about them.

Right after the shooting was over, the day after I bought all the products she has applied on my face.

One of my favorite products is the hydrating serum. I’ve tried different micellar waters but the one by Bioderma makes my skin feel really good, it cleans it best and it has refreshing effect.

Styleinspiratrice_SofiaFashionWeek (11)

Styleinspiratrice_SofiaFashionWeek (12)

Exchange of emails and some more beauty tips. I shared with Milena one of my favorite summer products is the dry oil Photoderm Bronz SPF 50, because it protects my skin from the sun but also helps me get some healthy tan.****

Styleinspiratrice_SofiaFashionWeek (13)

* That’s why I am wearing these flat sandals – wearing heels was painful and almost impossible…

** I discovered the micellar water by Bioderma 10 years ago, when I was living in France.

***We can watch Milena during the new theatrical season in The National Theater Ivan Vazov, Mladejki Theater and in the projects of Replica Theater.

**** Besides, don’t know how exactly, it makes legs look fantastic – more slender and toned!

Photos: Victor Stoynov


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