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In the shoes of a turtle


In the shoes of a turtle

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That’s how I feel over the last days. The reason: sudden knee injury* made me rethink the overall dynamics of my everyday life and made me live at the pace of a…turtle. For a person who has the habit to walk a lot, to be in a hurry all the time and just heading straight forward when deciding to go somewhere this is quite an unpleasant unusual experience. Systematic overload led to a system deny. It is amazing how our bodies know better than us what we really need and as we keep neglecting the signals they eventually force us to stop.

Thus, for a couple of days I live slow speed, walk a little and very slowly, forcing myself to rest and to spare my leg from efforts as much as possible.

Discrepancy is total as since 15th September Sofia got out of its summer rhythm. And I left my comfort zone because: I had to start living slowly and realized how much helpless and depending from the others am I in a situation like this…

I also found out that:

  • I have really cool colleagues, who I warmly thank
  • There are few people around me I can always rely on
  • Repair works in Sofia are terrible and endless
  • Sofia traffic is horrific
  • In Sofia roam terribly aggressive and intolerant drivers capable to drive over you just because (for objective and obvious reasons) you are not able to cross the pedestrian crossing with the speed of light
  • When you are obstructed you get plenty of seductive invitations for all type of events
  • Sometimes getting in bed early is quite a nice thing
  • When you ask for a support, possibility to actually get it is quite big
  • Making big plans is kind of pointless as all is subject of change and unexpected turn
  • Truly important things are quite a few, everything else can wait
  • Living with sneakers at the office*** is completely possible under certain circumstances
  • Thank God there is Uber
  • Sometimes you just have to live things happen and do absolutely nothing
  • Things are never just black or just white
  • Rest is extremely important
  • Overloading does not lead to spectacular results but can lead to major problems
  • There is a lesson**** in every similar story
  • Super abstract thoughts run into my head
  • Going to buy some bread can be a difficult task
  • Asking for a second opinion is really, really important
  • Things and events follow their own course and we cannot does not make sense to speed them up
  • I start philosophizing in a terrible way at these moments, bordering on graphomania
  • Waking up in the morning with hip hop tunes is mega energizing
  • Conceiving an extravagant styling with flats is a difficult but not impossible mission
  • When you have limited options for physical activities your appetite suddenly jumps to the ceiling
  • Even at such moments the television is not an option for more than 15-20 minutes in the morning *****
  • … I wish I could put a brilliant thought instead conclusion, but at the moment in my mind comes nothing but the words of Coco Chanel, which have absolutely no relation to the subject … ******

I would like to specially thank: Hadi, Dr. Savov, Rossi and Slaveto!

The experience continues, it kind of feels like this**:


*Not that scary, I’ll be fine

**That face comes from the fact couple of weeks ago I held a turtle in my hands for the first time in my life

*** I mean really corporate sector

**** But I am not sure exactly what is it yet

***** BTW, it was exactly while watching TV in the morning I found out Netinfo is managed by an extremely competent and nice-looking man

****** I only drink champagne on two occasions: when I am in love and when I am not!

Photos: Victor Stoynov


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