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Tom Ford high standing feeling


Tom Ford high standing feeling

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Tom Ford has always been a symbol of absolute style, high standing and class for me. An eponimous brand where each idea carries a sense of luxury and exclusivity.


For years I have liked the perfumes of Tom Ford because they are recognizable, bold and lasting. So, when I got invited to share an opinion about one of the newest fragrances, I accepted with interest. (And since I have been criticized for not writing about men lately, I am taking the occasion today to correct this omission.) I promise solemnly that there will be more publications aimed at the gentlemen.

Noir Anthracite is a fragrance that cannot be unnoticed, a fragrance of contrasts. It took me long time to create this story because I wanted it be more than just text and product photos, to bring bring the energy of life.

I know that the choice of perfume is something very personal and very subjective. I wondered who I would associate with this perfume, what lifestyle and allure it reminds me of. That is why I invited a man I have known for years and who, I think, fits very well into my story.

For me, Noir Anthracite is a sense of the world of business, fast decisions, high-speed, dynamism, success, and the skill of enjoying life and its diversity, as well as appreciating its contrasts. The smell of contrasts, which is also seen in the design solution for the vial, symbolizing the light in the night.

Personally, I believe that if a perfume is not tested on the skin, it is difficult to get a glimpse of its description. However, to give you an idea, here are the ingredients of Noir Anthracite:

  • Top notes: bergamot, sichuan pepper, ginger
  • Core: tuberose and jasmine sambac
  • Base notes: cedar, sandalwood, ebony


I have opened a special giveaway via my Instagram account. It is open for Bulgaria only:

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And do you associate fragrances with stories and specific people?

Photos: Martina Todorova


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