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What about blue?


What about blue?

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Or, what about dressing and shoeing the autumn in blue (and add a touch of pink to all this)?

Has it happened to you to be in a shoe store with a huge amount of choices and still – immediately fall in love with a pair, standing quietly and modestly on the shelf,

without any attempt to catch the attention?

styleinspiratrice_deichmann_blueboots-3 styleinspiratrice_deichmann_blueboots-4 styleinspiratrice_deichmann_blueboots-5

I am convinced these are the best purchases ever because bumping into such a treasure means you are going to put it on immediately and it is going to be your best friend for quite some time.

When I go shopping, I always apply the rule of Ines de la Fressange – I ask myself:

Will I put this on tonight?

If answer is YES, there is no room for hesitations!


This is exactly how I fell for these gorgeous dark blue booties from the newest collection of Deichmann and they become inspiration for my overall look. Honestly, I’ve taken the decision to escape from black this winter and to make the transition easier I decided to select dark blue – such a noble and sophisticated color, perfect for wearing.

styleinspiratrice_deichmann_blueboots-6 styleinspiratrice_deichmann_blueboots-7

Still, I did not escape from black on a 100%, but for me putting together black and dark blue is one of the best fashion combinations! *

I am pretty sure these boots are either good to be worn with pants and with skirt or dress. In the second option it is better to select shorter lengths which will guarantee elongation of the legs and the overall silhouette. For the top I chose one of the trendiest clothes for this season – the cape. In this short version it is so effortless and nice for wearing. Cuts in sleeves make it look very edgy and you can combine with long gloves or a tiny leather jacket.

Final touch is a mini clutch in a bold color and funny motif.


Do you like this styling? 😉

* Yves Saint Laurent was the first to introduce this combination and at the very beginning he was considered a kind of crazy for putting together these two colors. Short after that exactly this combination is considered one of the most sophisticated and elegant color matches ever.

Shoes: Deichmann

Cape: Xristina Angelova, Tina Social Club

Denim dress: Slavina Petrova

Photos: Martina Todorova


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