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What happens with luxury today?


What happens with luxury today?

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What are the three founding words of modern luxury? Who made the only perfume in the world created to be gifted, not sold? Why is silver the new sexy? How the red carpet in Cannes turned green? What did I try for the first time in Paris? You can find out only here:

On the second day of Luxury Conference in Paris (for the first one click here), a number of interesting topics and examples from the biggest names in the industry were discussed and presented.

Sustainable Luxury:

As part of their commitment to sustainable development, luxury brand Chopard started an initiative called the Journey, which they believe may have the greatest immediate impact on society. Specifically, it is about a transparent and traceable process of supplying materials for jewelry – namely, gold. An agreement was signed with Colombia for ethical and equitable acquisition of the raw materials as well as for dignified life for miners. In fact, much of watches and luxury jewelry brand are entirely manufactured in such a way. Moreover – the Palme d’Or, which is awarded at Cannes and which is the work of French jewelry house, over the past two years is made of ethical gold. Here’s how the red carpet can become green!


Luxury, fashion and sustainability: The fashion revolution

We feel desire to love a luxury brand if it tells stories that touch us. Today, luxury is facing a kind of opposition between mystery and transparency, perfection and the right to be wrong. It is important to know where fashion comes from, to communicate without fear on this topic.
Consumers expect more concrete actions such as:
– Keeping the authenticity, but supporting it with sincerity
– Not seeking for perfection, but to act
– Responding to the expectations for a different luxury, which offers quality, traceable, transparent and efficient products
– Giving the best example (as Chopard)
This is because the world is changing. Systems that make us dream today are based on three starting points:


These three elements were part of the definition of luxury in the past!
To them we have to add coherence and consistency of words and actions, creativity that goes hand in hand with quality.

Luxury brands often play with imagination, with unconscious, they frequently involve all our senses. These brands were primarily called houses (Maisons), which bring their knowledge, expertise, skills, sense of life. When we talk about luxury brand, the most important is the spirit it brings. This does not mean that a new brand cannot be a luxury, because there is no history and tradition behind them. They just have to focus on their own spirit and specifics, their uniqueness.



Maison Tournaire, founded by Philippe and Mathieu Tournaire, is the place where unique jewelry is born – pieces of art that make me think of travel and incredible stories. Thanks to their collaboration with OBUT and the special luxury pétanque set that was born, I had the pleasure to enjoy for the first time in my life this amazing sport ad to fall in love immediately with it!



Why is Silver generation so important?

Statistics say it all: in 2050 pyramid will turn around and representatives of this generation will exceed 2 billion.  These are people aged 50+, stepping into a new stage of their life, they are transmitting to the next generations, but are also enjoying life; they are confident and demanding, having knowledge and opportunities. These are people who love luxury, use new technologies, have positive attitude and consume luxury products and goods:




The story of charming French designer Jean Patou, visionary and seducer who lived in the early 20th century was quite an interesting discovery. He was far-sighted enough to see through that luxury cannot just stay in France, so he went to the United States. From there, he returned with a group of American models, sporty and elongated who participated in his shows, replacing the French models. He was the first who discovered the sunscreen oil and believed in order to have culture of the brand, the quality should be inside, not outside.
In the spirit of the brand was born iconic perfume Joy Forever. In 1929 he sent the perfume to 300 of his clients in the US, who, because of the Great Depression could not afford to purchase it. So, Joy Forever became the only perfume in the world that has been created to be gifted, not sold!


When it comes to luxury industry, we cannot omit watchmaking. Among the guests of the conference was Vacheron Constantin – the Swiss house with over 200 years of history that has never stopped its activity.


One day, the brand got the simplest formulated assignment from a client: “I want the most complicated watch in the world.” The creation of this work took eight years, 3 watchmakers, 10 reserved patents!


In Brazil if you smile, you are more fashionable, you bring light!

This happens in a world which is quite away and seems so different than ours, which brings its characteristics, local specifics and consumption habits.

For me, it was interesting to learn the Brazilians are the biggest internet users and they spend hours and hours in the social networks. I also found out lots of interesting facts about Havaïanas, the flip flops everybody loves, and which seem to try to put on a Brazilian smile on the feet of each of us! Flip flops which are so colorful, bringing joy of life, a feeling of eternal summer. Accessory, available and worn by both the poorest and the richest, assortment which includes the simplest models and the luxury collaborations with international designers such as Valentino and Charlotte Olympia!



This article is written based on the participation of different speakers during Salon du luxe: Barbara COIGNET (1.618), Bruno G. COTTARD (Jean Patou Paris), Carlos FERREIRINHA (MCF Consulting), Lucien David LANGMAN (EXPERTS M.C.T.H.), Geoffroy LEFEBVRE (Vacheron Constantin), Eno POLO (Havaïanas), Christophe PRADERE (BETC Design), Raffaela ROSSIELLO (Chopard), Hélène SARFATI-LEDUC (Fashion revolution), Stéphane TRUCHI (IFOP), Philippe & Mathieu TOURNAIRE (Tournaire), Alice FERRAZ (F*Hits).

Photos are taken with Olympus Pen camera.


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