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One styling, 2 pairs of shoes


One styling, 2 pairs of shoes

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I think it’s not a secret anymore how much a love beautiful shoes. In a series of posts over the upcoming days I will share with you some of the IT models this season as well as ideas for styling them.  Shoe can do miracles and change completely my silhouette and allure.




So for the day I selected low suede boots in whiskey shade – absolutely comfortable, chic and a season must-have. They can be worn either with a skirt/dress (I’d put them with black opaque tights) either with jeans. My personal selection is that pair of jeans with patches and an oversize blazer. This blazer is another excellent fit all over the year.


After a dynamic day with lots of tasks and meetings in the city we do not have always the time to go home for changing clothes for a special event, meeting or date. There is, though, a simple trick that can instantly transform us: a pair of shoes!

styleinspiratrice-hogl_one-style-two-shoes-1 styleinspiratrice-hogl_one-style-two-shoes-2 styleinspiratrice-hogl_one-style-two-shoes-3

In order to look glamorous, shoes should be glamorous. French say

if you go somewhere in the evening and are not sure about the dress code, you can always opt for jeans and nice jacket and a pair of statement shoes. They will immediately make your outfit classy, and if the event is informal, your look still won’t be too pushy.

As for me, I transformed with a pair of gorgeous green suede pumps with stable and spectacular heels.

styleinspiratrice-hogl_one-style-two-shoes-4 styleinspiratrice-hogl_one-style-two-shoes-5

Do you see how taller and slender my silhouette looks? 😉

By the way, I am curious – are you using such tricks in your daily life? J

I am wearing total look by Slavina Petrova & Högl shoes.

Photos: Martina Todorova


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