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Skyline, Paris and Dior


Skyline, Paris and Dior

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Days before the start of the most exciting of the Fashion weeks, together with Dior we headed to Paris. We saw the Eiffel tower, the lights of the city, the colors of sunset and sunrise, we tasted the finest patisseries, emerged in a kind of a borderline dream: between day and night, light and shadow, summer and fall, today and tomorrow.

styleinspiratrice_dior_skyline-2 styleinspiratrice_dior_skyline-3 styleinspiratrice_dior_skyline-7

This is the Skyline – collection where each one of us can play with lights and shadows while drawing her face. The biggest inspiration for this collection, Peter Philips found in la Tour Eiffel which rises in the city.
Charismatic Krassimira Petrova took me on a new inspiring experience, emotion, delight for senses and color.

styleinspiratrice_dior_skyline-5 styleinspiratrice_dior_skyline-6 styleinspiratrice_dior_skyline-9
Skin as inspiration: base is extremely important.* As an artist who paints on canvas, she was plotting her picture with the latest Dior makeup products and the Skyline collection. Conceived in a way to make each of us feel confident in their choice, to be bold and to pass the message to the world through the way they look.  Makeup in which every color communicates with the others, provokes and expresses.

When you have color on your eyelids you always draw the attention!

Products that really impressed me are:
•    Diorblush light & contour – perfectly good for a simple look as well as for a total makeover!
•    Fix it colour (colorful filters – magicians, announced by the magazines as must-have of fall, which help neutralizing skin imperfections) – for my face complexion and skin specifics, it turns out yellow filter is the best match. It is amazing for dark circles and for reviving the lips.

styleinspiratrice_dior_skyline-8 styleinspiratrice_dior_skyline-10 styleinspiratrice_dior_skyline-11 styleinspiratrice_dior_skyline-12 styleinspiratrice_dior_skyline-13

Flawless complexion, underlined eyes and sculpted eyebrows, bold and unexpected lip shade … or how to experience Paris no matter where we are. The rest is, as Krassi said: technique, texture and care!

* When preparing the skin Krassi used Dior Hydra Life Jelly Sleeping Mask (which, besides before going to bed, can be applied with gentle massage right before the makeup) as well as Hydra Life Serum Sorbet.
Photos: Martina Todorova


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