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About fashion in Bulgaria and a group of French students


About fashion in Bulgaria and a group of French students

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Lately I have the impression the days are flying with a cosmic pace and I sincerely regret day is not having 36 hours (at least) instead of 24. That was my last week – dizzying, filled with emails, appointments, shootings, travelling outside the country and an exciting meeting! I was more than happy to meet up with 22 students from the prestigious Parisian fashion school Mod’Art.

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So, here we are – in Sofia, Ivan Asen 22 – the contemporary Bulgarian fashion design space, hosted by my friend Nelly Miteva. For me it was kind of a dream come true – to be able to talk about contemporary young Bulgarian design and creation and giving some inspiring and successful examples not only in Bulgaria but abroad such as: On aura tout vu, Petar Petrov, Vladimir Karaleev, Gio Diev, Neli Miteva, Kolchagov Barba, Nikolay Bozhilov, Nevena, By FAR, Neri Karra, Ramjuly, Gabriela Alexandrova, Fede fashion by Viara Lazarova, Tina SC, Slavina Petvoa, KNAPP, Prototype 23, Georgi Florov, Yana Dvoretska, Aleksandar Gerginov, Nikolay Sardamov, Mila Dokova, Sylvia Roustcheva, Milena Natcheva … I also spoke about forums and special events related to the fashion industry in the country, about bloggers and working with influencers.

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While preparing my presentation, I found out some interesting facts such as:

the oldest sector in Bulgaria’s  industry is textile, as well as it turns out to be the biggest employer after the State administration!

Nelly Miteva shared more info about the design and creation platform Ivan Asen 22 and the circle of designers which every year is becoming bigger and bigger/ next year we’ll be celebrating the 10th anniversary of Ivan Asen 22 /; about the various projects – in Bulgaria and abroad, and about teaching.

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For me it was exciting, inspiring and energizing meeting with all these gorgeous young people from France, who are currently making their leap from student’s to professional life. Merci beacoup, Mod’Art!
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I was wearing a dress of SS 2016 collection of Slavina Petrova.
During the meeting in Ivan Asen 22 was held the weekend with fashion projects of students from the New Bulgarian University.

Photos: Martina Todorova


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