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Luxury as freedom to think, love, express and dare!


Luxury as freedom to think, love, express and dare!

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My guest today is Laura Perrard, Founder of Salon du Luxe, Paris, I had the pleasure to meet last year. With this charismatic young lady, having a clear vision on the sector of luxury goods and services, we exchanged some thoughts on current topics related to fashion, luxury, consumption, as well as on some of the latest trends. There is also a sneak peek on what comes next at Salon du luxe 2016.

LauraPerrard_Styleinspiratrice_ITWSpeaking about the recent debate “see now-buy now”* – what might be the potential impact on the world of fashion and luxury?

I think SEENOW-BUYNOW polemics and debate only reflects the evolution in our society: consumers are getting more and more demanding (which is good !) concerning the quality of products they use and their wish is that everything goes faster : we are in a « fastlife » circle, ultra-connected, where we all have the possibility to communicate, exchange, consume instantly. At the beginning fashion shows were dedicated to buyers and press. Historically, it took time for publications to go live, in kiosks and then collections were already in stores…it was perfectly orchestrated! Today journalists and bloggers are posting live from the shows (brands are also playing the game) and therefore, in my opinion, it is a “communication RDV” and an artistic and creative show (with highly added-value). It is perfectly understandable the non-patience of the public following closely this information.

Personally, i don’t think what we are observing now in terms of FASTFASHION can last long. What interest? But I am not able to tell how the things are going to evolve. See you on the episode for this!

Luxury and attacks: is there any change in consumption of luxury products and services in that context?

Unfortunately Paris pays the price of the tragic events that hit the city and largely  the whole world Warning messages sent in numerous countries (especially Asian) concerning the risk of visiting the Capital did clearly not help the hospitality sector (neither the big stores).

I am not working for a luxury brand therefore difficult to give insider feeling (for this should ask directly the management) but we have got the chance to exchange on a daily basis with lots of Houses and things look like finally resuming their course. However, I am persuaded there is a lot of work to be done for “Paris” in terms of image, reception, service, security…This will be also a theme of Salon du luxe Paris 2016How to reinforce the desirability of Paris?

Can you tell us more about the slow luxe concept?

Vast subject! To put things in context, personally I haven’t created any concept. We have been speaking of “slow-made” for years,  “slow food” and even “slow TV” (and so on …). Today, many of us in the luxury sphere come to the same conclusion: we have arrived to the end of a cycle. And so there is a return to true/real. And if excellence (word I am used to say when talking about luxury) finally referred to the idea of ​​making the best possible by taking the adequate time to achieve it, giving the product the real price of materials and respective working hours … and if we took the time to live and consume the way it should be the “real” luxury? So perhaps the term “slow luxury” will make sense! What do you think ?


We had in 2015 at the Salon du Luxe a thematic conference entitled “The authenticity as a vector for innovation”, this year we will go further with a strong topic “Luxury: back to the essence of life”! I invite you  and we discuss this in a few months! 😉

What is the role of digital and – of the influencers in the luxury sector?

You will not appreciate my answer but I think the question has no more to be asked. Digital is integral part of daily life of us ALL (luxury or not) so reflections associated with it exist also in luxury (omnichannel, social networks, eshop or not, marketplaces, etc…). The digital integral part of our daily ALL (not luxury or deluxe) so the thoughts associated with it of course also exist in the luxury (omni, social networks, e-shop or not, marketplaces, etc …). With a more or less elaborate strategy, today almost all of the Houses are on the internet (at least with a showcase site and official accounts on Social Networks). The real question is now whether all of them adopt the same strategy or whether some REALLY dare to play the card of confidentiality and to the end.


Influencers influence what more to say? I also believe a lot in the power of unofficial influencers, you know: the consume-actors! 😉

In three words, for you luxury is…?

Freedom to think, love, express and dare!


And how did it all start, where did the idea for creating le Salon du luxe come from?

Actually, I did not mean to create le Salon du luxe, at least it was neither expected nor included in any strategic plan. [Attention, this is exclusive!]
Organize le Salon du luxe Paris seemed obvious. After creating, 3 years ago le Journal du luxe, I realized there was no major event of the Parisian scene with a real international dimension dedicated to luxury goods decision-makers ( I stress on the word “decision makers” as we welcome CEOs, Presidents, GMs Market Directors, DS, DA etc. of Houses operating in all sectors of luxury). I wanted to create a rich and dynamic event, extremely thorough, in line with today’s world (with an eye clearly looking ahead) and most of all: an event where something really happens, where we do not get bored during conferences and where the setup is truly open for networking.


I’m more interested in people with whom we are working than in their label / title / position. Thus, Le Salon du luxe suggests breaking some barriers to initiate real synergies and to project on key issues for the ecosystem.

From the first edition, the #Salonduluxe was trending topic on Twitter (never seen before for a luxury event in France), energy was extremely positive, reflections were enriching… so we said we have  to go on and even further!


What to expect from Salon du luxe 2016 ?

Salon du luxe Paris 2016 will be UNIQUE of its kind. In the first edition we have set the bar quite high and participants are waiting around the corner. The only thing I can tell you is that they will not be disappointed!

We inaugurate this year’s 750 square meters of exhibition where will be presented providers, designers, vendors of luxury ecosystem solutions: as a giant box of highly selective tools!

We are proud of our exhibitors and their business. Valerie Tanfin will present her wonderful feather-worker profession, Atelier Flory Brisset will present its modern embroidery techniques, other exhibitors will present software and digital solutions in-store … in short, Le Salon du luxe is an experience to live. And I’m even not talking about the visionary speakers we will have on stage! (To discover on our site .)

*Making available for purchase the latest fashion collections right after the fashion shows.


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