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Astronomy, zero waste and so much more…


Astronomy, zero waste and so much more…

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I admit some years ago I was sincerely excited and lived with a participation of Bulgaria in the global fashion scene – I followed with interest every stage till that memorable moment when the winner was announced. The year was 2010 and the event – Triumph Inspiration Awards, at that time I would never imagine one day I will have Styleinspiratrice. So, in the spring of 2016, after a brief backstage meeting during Sofia Fashion Week, together with Nikolay Bozhilov we are talking about space, sustainable fashion and much more:

Styleinspiratrice_Nikolay_Bojilov (16) Styleinspiratrice_Nikolay_Bojilov (18)

Why BLACK_ (space), where did the idea for your new collection come from?
In my work I always explore areas that are new and incomprehensible to me. This time my eyes turned upward to the space and more accurately – to astronomy. To this infinite black space that surrounds us. That’s why I decided everything in the collection to be black and associated with space.

In your opinion, what is the sustainable consumption of fashion?

For me, as a designer, it is important to create sustainable clothing, namely garments with “timeless” design. Working with high-quality materials to create conceptual clothes and the thing I integrate in my latest collection is the idea of ​​”zero waste”, i.e. models are designed in a way there is no waste from fabric and there is no pollution either.

During your fashion show collection was presented with some extremely impressive accessories. Tell me a bit more about them?
I created these metal masks to unify all the models of the collection under one futuristic vision. The accessories were handmade by metal beads and were shaping the woman from space’s face. In the last model of the show concept was to materialize the face and grow into a silhouette – represented in in the form of a metallic body.

Styleinspiratrice_Nikolay_Bojilov (21)Styleinspiratrice_Nikolay_Bojilov (22)

Who is your favorite designer?
I admire the work of Nicolas Ghesquière. Innovative, unexpected, original – he has got all the qualities of a true artist.

Have you ever been tempted to create ultra-colorful collection?
While there is a perception I am working only with black and white, it is not so true, I work with lots of colors but actually do prefer more technological, complex and symbolic shades to pastel and infantile colors.

Styleinspiratrice_Nikolay_Bojilov (24) Styleinspiratrice_Nikolay_Bojilov (25)Styleinspiratrice_Nikolay_Bojilov (2) Styleinspiratrice_Nikolay_Bojilov (3)

For you as a designer which is the most valuable recognition?
May sound a bit trivial, but real acknowledgment is the feedback of my clients and the people who like my work.

What do you wish for fashion in Bulgaria?
To evolve, there is a very talented generation growing and it is a matter of favorable economic environment for it to evolve and to be adequate to the world we live in.

Ok, sometimes I overdo during shooting – I am always searching for the most original, unexpected, imaginative picture of each story. This time, however, this totally unsuspecting me faced an unexpected challenge – to do this overlock sewing! Can you imagine, guys 😉 was such a fun:

Styleinspiratrice_Nikolay_Bojilov (6) Styleinspiratrice_Nikolay_Bojilov (7) Styleinspiratrice_Nikolay_Bojilov (8)

Styleinspiratrice_Nikolay_Bojilov (5)

I am wearing a dress from the Black _ (space) collection and a total black look, plus my very special red ribbon!

Styleinspiratrice_Nikolay_Bojilov (11)

Photos: Martina Todorova


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