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About cars, strong women and bags


About cars, strong women and bags

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Since the very beginning of the blog I’ve always wanted to find interesting, exciting stories to share with you via texts and photos. Thus, over the years, I found myself in a an adventure taking me each time takes to new places, people and experiences and always bringing me an inspiring story at the end.
In Paris I found a name, a brand, which has proved not only synonymous to style, beauty and high quality, but also a heritage of a charismatic personality, of a time period, which nowadays continues to excite mind and imagination.

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The year is 1905 and Louis Delage creates the eponymous company for racing cars. Automobiles are participating in prestigious competitions and winning not only for their performance and innovative approach, but also with the beauty of design and workmanship. The 20s and 30s of the last century become the Golden era for Delage, which symbolizes freedom, emancipation and timeless style.

There was a time when they used to say:

a man buys Rolls-Royce for his wife and Delage – for his mistress!

For different reasons production of these automobiles stopped in the middle of the last century. They become collector’s pieces, but their spirit has been transferred to luxury leather accessories. Not surprisingly, the names of the different models of bags are dedicated to these bold, daring women – brand ambassadors who have owned these impressive cars. (Among them, for instance, is Josephine Baker).

Fashion can be ephemeral, but the style and beauty are beyond time, according to the designers of Delage bags. Thus, the elegance of the car lives in the years portrayed in the design spirit and the aesthetics of luxury handbags that bring messages of a stylish life.
Today, the heirs of the brand develop and dedicate their collections to women. Inspired by the tradition of beautiful cars, they create French elegance and joy of life, which are timeless. Each season the designers of the brand determine new colors that are unique, developed exclusively for the brand.

Some references from the statement car to the bag:
• The shape of the radiator patented by Louis Delage in 1907.
• The automobile’s leather seat paddings
• The red of Delage always present in the interior of the bags


This story, with slight modifications, was published first in the magazine


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