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The street of handsome men


The street of handsome men

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In case you wonder: based on my personal long-year observations I will reveal the secret: sooner or later handsome men in Sofia always end up on Ivan Asen II street! No doubt about it: a nice finding which I reconfirm every single time I pass by (which is, believe me, quite often). No matter if they live there, or work, relax or just pass by, handsome guys eventually go to Ivan Asen II – as you can see in the pix below. What is this phenomenon due to – I have absolutely no idea, and honestly I don’t think that is the point. What matters is the summer itinerary of all beauty admirers is already mapped out, isn’t it?





I am curious – have you got any similar observations? 😉

Trench: Markato from ZIP Studio, 22, W. Gladstone, str.
Shoes: Pollini
Bag: Longchamp
Photos: Victor Stoynov


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