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Or, when the holiday can take place at home, at your own balcony. A place you can consider the city from a new perspective. It turned out to be in the downtown of the city, meters away from my work, there is a place which gives a completely different point of view: where Sofia looks green and sort of too calm and sleepy.

What may have a balcony? Flowers, plants, view…but also statues, art masterpieces, installation, surrounding apartment, looking totally unexpectedly and a swimming pool! It is not an ordinary balcony, but a place, on the rooftop of the city, in its heart, sheltered the visual concepts of three artists: Stefania Batoeva, Emanuel Röhss and Yves Scherer, who go through the reality in order to find out its potentialities.

So, the place to be is SWIMMING POOL, the Exhibition – Balconia and you can visit it till 31.05.2015.

This is an emotion to live and we decided to share with you a part of it here.

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_VSP7406 _VSP7378 _VSP7379 _VSP7380 _VSP7399

LBD and jabot: Slavina Petrova

Photos: Victor Stoynov


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