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We have the pleasure to present: Sylvia Roustcheva and minty


We have the pleasure to present: Sylvia Roustcheva and minty

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The collection Cocoon by Sylvia Roustcheva – young Bulgarian designer creator of the brand minty.
When I first saw the collection I thought we should make a photoshoot for the blog – an idea we recently made happen and which you will be able to see here. Well, we took the occasion and asked Sylvie about inspiration and style. We also got her best fashion advice:

For me inspiration is that creative and spiritual uplift, which strikes me and does not let me sleep until it gets outside into a certain shape. I catch it everywhere – in the surrounding colors and shapes, in music and art, architecture and interior design, in nature and even in interpersonal relationships…



Style is the DNA of the personality. The unique signature subject of your own senses. It is visible not only in the way you look, but also in the way you make happen and create. It is great that this is not a constant and can be developed in parallel with lifelong search and growing.



The best fashion advice from me is: provoke and find your individuality! Do not follow fashion trends blindly and unconditionally, but experiment bravely with fashion and don’t forget that less is more!




Here are some more interesting facts:

Designer Silvia Roustcheva loves creating with her hands since her very young age. She entered the world of fashion long time ago because it was fate. She’s been gaining experience for years with hand-knitting, afterwards starts studying Fashion at the New Bulgarian University. We saw the result of this collaboration in her graduation collection Cocoon – voluminous, overexposed, hand-knitted garments in combination with sheer dresses and glittering leggings. Easy contradiction between thick and warm wool, and cool, air silk, completed with thick skin. She created minty – a fashion label for contemporary urban fashion.

PS: Keep reading the blog, because only here you will see the session you did with clothes of the Cocoon collection. Very soon! 🙂



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