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10 things about me


10 things about me

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Which I don’t think I’ve shared publicly so far 😉

In fact, for so many years, since the beginning of the blog, I’ve been sharing with you all sorts of stories, news, personal moments and emotions. I admit, this type of publications is raising some doubts in me, but I decided to take it as a challenge and to find something I haven’t talked about till now.

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So, here is my list:

  • When I was 2 my parents some kind of lost me at the airport (most probably this is the reason why I am fascinated by airports, planes and traveling)
  • #wanderlust #wednesday ❤ what is your dreamy destination? Къде мечтаете да заминете? ✈ #AirFrance #travel

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  • When I was 15 I thought I would become a fashion designer (as I have attended professional drawing classes for 9 years)
  • My favorite number is 7 (I was born on 7/10, my name day is on 7/01, the blog was born on the 7th month of the year…)
  • I have a shameless number of shoes and very few clothes
  • I am afraid of water
  • 10 years ago, with a friend of mine, we were watching Gossip Girl and started blogs (mine doesn’t exist anymore, it was for everything and nothing 😉 )
  • I am a huge hip hop fan
  • My secret football player crush from my teen age was David Trezeguet
  • I am totally in love with sheer fabrics and would love to be dressed that way all year long :

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Sounds familiar? 😉

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