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When Dior meets Zadig et Voltaire


When Dior meets Zadig et Voltaire

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Most probably this is one of the weirdest titles you’ve bumped into since quite some time. Truth is when I was figuring out this look* this exactly how I felt from the clash of two completely different aesthetics, styles and eras which have absolutely no common touch-point in terms of time frame.

This is the styling I had during the photo shoot of the interview with gorgeous Stanimira Yanakieva. If you’ve missed it, click here.

Styleinspiratrice_Dior_ZadigetVoltaire (2)

I was so into that look I decided to walk it around the city.

Actually, if at this moment I had to draw a self-portrait via clothes, it would have been exactly like this:

wind waving my hair and skirt, tee so casual and so perfect in its deliberate imperfection, shoes are the ones I’ve been looking for so long time. I imagine I am in …. and am going on a date!

Styleinspiratrice_Dior_ZadigetVoltaire (1) Styleinspiratrice_Dior_ZadigetVoltaire (3) Styleinspiratrice_Dior_ZadigetVoltaire (5) Styleinspiratrice_Dior_ZadigetVoltaire (6)

Tee: Slavina Petrova

Skirt: Fede fashion

Shoes: By Far

Photos: Martina Todorova

*Combining New look in the silhouette of the skirt and the shoes and rock spirit in the tee influenced by Zadig & Voltaire look and feel.


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