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Bloggers united: Act Today to Change tomorrow!


Bloggers united: Act Today to Change tomorrow!

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Close to upcoming November 14th, when we celebrate the World Diabetes Day, group of bloggers gathered together in blue circle to show compassion and commitment to those, living with diabetes.

By 2035, almost 600 million of us may be living with diabetes. A huge number, which can be different if we act promptly!

Styleinspiratrice_VSP_Bluecircle (5)

Healthy eating and healthy lifestyle help for the better control of diabetes type 1 and for the prevention of type 2. This year IDF (International Diabetes Federation) focus all efforts to improving the healthy lifestyle and access to healthy eating worldwide. It is easy: more physical activity every day and healthy food choices.
Let’s together – by choosing healthy lifestyle today, change tomorrow!

Special thanks for the support to: Didi, Milena, Svetlio, Ina, Tedi, Pressi, Tedi, Iva, Ana and the dog Bima!

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Some backstage pix:

Styleinspiratrice_VSP_Bluecircle (6)Styleinspiratrice_VSP_Bluecircle (10)Styleinspiratrice_VSP_Bluecircle (13)Styleinspiratrice_VSP_Bluecircle (14)Styleinspiratrice_VSP_Bluecircle (16)Styleinspiratrice_VSP_Bluecircle (18)Styleinspiratrice_VSP_Bluecircle (19)Styleinspiratrice_VSP_Bluecircle (21)Styleinspiratrice_VSP_Bluecircle (24)Styleinspiratrice_VSP_Bluecircle (25)Styleinspiratrice_VSP_Bluecircle (26)Styleinspiratrice_VSP_Bluecircle (29)Styleinspiratrice_VSP_Bluecircle (30)Styleinspiratrice_VSP_Bluecircle (31)

* The blue circle is the  universal symbol for diabetes introduced for the first time by the UN – for more information click here .

Photos: Victor Stoynov


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