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Le T de style with Yana Panova


Le T de style with Yana Panova

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Both, the jumpsuit and the sleeveless sweatshirt and created by Yana Panova. She recreates a white cotton tee, keeping the fabric color and adding some neon accents. To make the image of this Parisian street style more delicate and neat, she has added flowers on the hood of the sweatshirt and thin chains on the back of the jumpsuit. Yana has been painting since childhood and over the years she has found inspiration in various underground cultures. Currently she loves mixing typical street style with elements from past ages. She has graduated stylism in Mod’Art International, Paris, and now is graduating in the National Gallery of Arts, specialty Fashion.


Model: Rossi

Photos: Victor Stoynov

Special thanks to art gallery The Red dot



*The term Tecktonik is a registered trademark founded in Paris. Cyril Blanc and Alexandre Barouzdin (two of its most important founders) explain the name comes from the idea of ​​moving tectonic plates causing an earthquake.




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