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The Red dot

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Red Dot- SI-VS

The gallery opened its doors just a month ago, and it was a love at first sight: for its awesome sculptures, lightness, coziness and fabulous location.
The creative look of Daniel Mirtchev – Danata is so fresh and distinctive that we just could not resist the temptation to photoshoot some of the great interior accents. On top of that, the Red dot is open for some young talents: currently there are sculptures of Lilia Pobornikova too.

Red Dot-SI-VS_ANP2213Red Dot-SI-VS_ANP2223

Furthermore, we asked Daniel a few questions :

What is inspiration ?
A fly in the head. I like to have flies in the head.
It is the desire to create and leave something beautiful. I’m not searching for intentionally, but do not wait to be hit by the great idea either. Probably, like every artist, I get inspired by different things in different places. Arises as a whim in my head. Some ideas put on paper. Real creative process begins with realization in material. Conditions I pass by are many. From initial euphoria and enthusiasm to complete rejection. Doubt in “aesthetics” brings new and new solutions.

What is style ?
For me, it’s a “butterfly”. Landing here, landing there.
This definition comes from my wood-carving teacher. The truth is I like different styles and ways of working. I work from miniature to monumental things, from completely pure to very talkative sculptures. I have no “highly recognizable style” for better or worse .

The best style advice (in life, in the interior, etc … )?
Rock, jazz, blues . To find oneself there.
It is good to find a personal reading of even an already established style. It’s great if you create a new one. Identification and copying a certain style or fashion trend is depersonalization. In experimentation are hidden the new ideas. Even one wrong move could be the beginning of something new and different.




 Red dot-SI-VS_ANP2191


Photos: Victor Stoynov





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