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The moment of happiness: @the hairdresser


The moment of happiness: @the hairdresser

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When you wish so bad somebody special to see you, just now, to share the moment with you, to admire with all his heart this little je-ne-sais-quoi. In fact, you secretly know and are convinced this mysteriously has something to do with the shiny, silky hair, graciously falling down, which underlines your allure and the way you feel, which is in perfect harmony with your inner world and completes your feeling of happiness. That’s one of these moments when you feel happy here and now, unconditionally, expectations free, when the moment has got it all.

Style inspiratrice - Joro Petkov

 _ANP2233Style inspiratrice - Joro PetkovStyle inspiratrice_Joro PetkovStyle inspiratrice- Joro Petkov

Dedicated to Joro Petkov, to his unending inspiration and awesome team!






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