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Matin urbain


Matin urbain

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The choice of topics is not random – they have to visualize 24 hours of the world of fashion via each of those four trends. They look really interesting, challenging and giving room for imagination. Here is my first interpretation.


I associate urban morning with dynamics, early start, movement, business approach. This is why I opted for a more classical image which I vitalized with some of my favorite trends:

  • Trench coat in a bright color – to reinforce the morning energy : )
  • Shirt-dress – for me this is one of the sexiest (and, at the same time – the most comfortable) outfits in the ladies’ closet
  • Fringes – on my tote which lets the outfit to keep more classical look

DSC_6390R-MU  DSC_6394R-MUDSC_6402R-MU

To this I added some accessories to brighten the black color. Generally, I think every time we give the floor to our imagination we can always figure out some interesting combination, to add a small detail to underline our individuality and to energize our urban morning.


And my sister joined to make my morning even funnier!


 What about you, dears, what would you put on to illustrate your morning in the city? : )

Photos: Victor Stoynov


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