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Tea party

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There is a kind of “by default” romance in the tea time, pastel shades, softness and positive attitude. Honestly, I do not go to tea parties and I drink tea only before I go to bed (when I got home after a party and sit in my pajamas, browsing in some favorite websites).




 This is why this theme was quite a challenge – the only thing I knew for sure was the feeling of romantic beauty and easiness. That’s how I chose my outfit and put together:

  • White&pink range colors
  • Turquoise accessories – just because I am in love with that color
  • Flower-rings
  • Silk skirt studded with plenty of beads and pearls, which practically is the core element of my Tea party theme outfit
  • White, casual cotton top – to contrast with the silk tissue of the skirt
  • Small handbag (I admit I was wearing with it 4-time bigger one in order to feel more comfortable during my time outside ;))
  • Surprising element – the bright red shoes which go together with nothing but give a nice balance of the whole composition





I have a secret to reveal here: this photo shooting was a kind of extreem because of the strong wind blowing all the time – it even caused some damages to the photo-shooting equipment 😉 How about you, dears – what would you put on for a Tea party?


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