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Help, it’s bathing suit time!


Help, it’s bathing suit time!

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Sounds familiar?

Every year, at about the same time, the pleasant euphoria of the upcoming vacation, beach and sea is mixed with the inconvenience of that moment when you have to show up in bathing suit! This year, it was a double challenge, because of the invitation from Serdika Center to shoot for the summer video catalog of the mall, try to guess… in a bathing suit!

Filled with thoughts of summer and holiday, Marti and I decided to show you what is happening behind the scenes of such a video session, what is the final product, and to share some useful tips.

Styleinspiratrice-Serdika-Bathing suit (2) Styleinspiratrice-Serdika-Bathing suit (3)

I do not know about you guys, but for me this moment is a real challenge, because I always feel insecure, I start thinking I should have been more organized and active during winter months, doing more sports, not eating 😉 etc. etc.

However, last few weeks I’ve been thinking a lot how we are all formatted to follow some aesthetic ideals and unattainable criteria.

In reality, nobody looks the same as in the advertising campaigns. Moreover, even if it is the case, it is often the result of enormous deprivation, endless struggles and self-restrictions. (Don’t get me wrong here, I do not mean that it is an excuse to be irresponsible to ourselves, totally neglecting how we look and to strike at the other extreme – on the contrary.) I think if we can assume who we are, see clearly and objectively our advantages and nice sides and we focus on them, our lives will be much more enjoyable.

Styleinspiratrice-Serdika-Bathing suit (4) Styleinspiratrice-Serdika-Bathing suit (5) Styleinspiratrice-Serdika-Bathing suit (6)

Now I am about to share some easy tricks to spare you the inconvenience of the fitting room in the store, and the first showing up in a bathing suit on the beach:

  • External hydration: when the skin is well hydrated, it looks smoother, toned and beautiful – so any creams, milks, etc. are more than welcome. For these bare legs days, I always opt for dry oil sunscreen formula. It gives a shine that makes your feet look great.
  • Internal hydration: now is the time even more to supply the much needed water to the body. This is the most suitable drink to which I add a little freshly squeezed lemon juice!
  • Body posture: it is key – no matter what our physical condition is, the upright posture makes miracles – stretches out the silhouette, optically reduces kilograms and centimeters, rejuvenates. From ballet classes I learned a trick and it is that we have to walk and stand upright as if some hidden inner force pulls us up. 😉

In this session we shot two sets, combined with accessories that bring a retro spirit in a different and funny way. I admit that it was nice someone else to imagine what I would look like on the beach this summer – something between “bay watch” and the times of the starlettes in Cannes! Check out the tips and suggestions of the stylists by clicking here.

Styleinspiratrice-Serdika-Bathing suit (1)

By the way,  are you facing similar feelings about bathing suits and body image?

Pink swimsuit and mesh top – Forever 21

Retro swimsuit in two parts and red dress – Calzedonia

Makeup – Estee Lauder

Photos: Martina Todorova


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