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Hats, TV and something more


Hats, TV and something more

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Today I will show you a sneak peek from a TV show! Couple of days ago I had the pleasure to be invited by the Bulgarian National Television and talk about hats.

Honestly, at the very beginning topic was a bit surprising and it made me think about hats in their daily usage context. Personally, over the past years I’ve been wearing hats a lot – when it is cold outside and when I am on the beach.

Styleinspiratrice_Bulgarian National TV_hats (4)Styleinspiratrice_Bulgarian National TV_hats (3)

I think hats are accessory on its own, very strong and should be combined only with ourselves – our face, character and emotions.

In case you’ve missed it – you can watch me here (in Bulgarian)

I like to participate in BNT shows – this is an institution with traditions that has kept an eye for the good things in life. I always have a slight stage-fright, but the professionalism of the people there and their attitude always make me feel relaxed.

Styleinspiratrice_Bulgarian National TV_hats (1)
One of the principles I follow when I have to talk in public is to choose clothes that are comfortable and that make me feel myself. This way, I avoid distraction with questions like do I look good and so on, and I focus on the story I want to tell. Another trick I have is eating some chocolate – it always works perfectly! 😉

Styleinspiratrice_Bulgarian National TV_hats (2)

I was wearing: Blazer – Slavina Petrova, dress – H&M Studio SS17, belt – Gucci, shoes – Högl

Hats are from newest collections of Penny Black, Benetton, Sisley, Palmers via MDL Group

Photos: Martina Todorova


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