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Picnic: hot or not?


Picnic: hot or not?

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I’ve always wondered why to this day I’ve never been invited on a picnic date. However, I’ve always been irresistibly attracted to this type of activity because it is at the same time close to nature, yet brings the finesse of urban life.  

When I lived in France all my colleagues had picnic blanket in their trunks and improvised picnics were quite common.

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So, as my love for picnics apparently not subsided, at one point I found adherents (mostly female) and started organizing various picnics. Still, I cannot find a perfectly reasonable explanation why men do not like picnics and don’t they see the high potential for improving their own seduction levels?

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We had some girls talk (and couple of male unofficial opinions) and managed to list some reasons why men do not like picnics:

  • Because they look too “feminine”
  • Because guys prefer sports activities, instead of sitting on a blanket
  • Because of the bugs
  • Because the word “picnic” puts too much pressure if it happens spontaneously it’s ok
  • Because they don’t want to be considered (too) romantic
  • Because parks are over-crowded
  • Because there is never enough food (and beer)

So here’s our list, what do you, guys think?

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Tsveti, Milena and moi are wearing the gorgeous jewelry of Little Ida’s Flowers

Photos: Victor Stoynov


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