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My eye makeup for warmer days


My eye makeup for warmer days

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My eye makeup changes during warmer days. Basically, it happens in two directions: I emphasize more the eyes and therefore – select products that will endure warmer temperatures and help me achieve the desired result.

I’ve always considered makeup as a pleasure. Part of my morning ritual, along with breakfast and coffee. Every morning I stand in front of the mirror and for a few minutes I feel like an artist. I like my makeup to be discreet, but to emphasize what I like most in my face.
For several years I have noticed what I never miss is the emphasis on the eye – from smoky, casual, slightly blurred when on vacation, to a precise cat eye line all year long. (Honestly, I am very glad each year designers rediscover the eyeliner and place it among the top trends). But even if they did not, I’ll bet on it again.


Eyes in focus

For high temperature days, I prefer to secure and opt for waterproof formula that are easy to apply and last throughout the day. Having tried it, I really liked IsaDora‘s Glossy Eyeliner Waterproof Chrome Black 40. It has a super-comfortable applicator with a pointed tip, applies very smoothly, gives a beautiful glossy effect, dries quickly and stays flawless for hours. At the same time, it is easy to remove – in my case, I use micellar water for the purpose.

As it became clear – eyes always occupy a central place in my makeup ritual. The other important product for me is mascara. My eyelashes are long but light and have no natural curve. With a suitable mascara, I manage to emphasize them as I like it. For mascaras I prefer formula that are not waterproof (and at the same time do not imprint on the eyelids), intense black and giving a very nice volume. IsaDora Insane Volume Lash Styler is a mascara with very interesting brush, half-moon shaped side, which allows precise application and distribution of the product, as well as achieving a pleasant curve. The product is ophthalmologically tested.

I really appreciated the fact products are sealed in individual foil packaging, which is a guarantee they have not been opened and tested along the chain.

Highlighted face


A final, very important and all-time favorite gesture for me is applying blush. In the Blush and Glow Drawing Wheel palette, there are several shades that make it possible to choose the most suitable for both complexion, clothing and results we are looking for (lighter, fresh, daily look or evening style, with sculptured cheekbones). In fact, draping is precisely a technique that shapes the cheekbones by contouring with blush and highlighter. I use a trick I’ve seen from makeup artist Slav on TV some time ago: I apply pinker tones to the outer part of the upper eyelid for extra freshness of the face.

My big favorite in this palette is the highlighter. I prefer brush-applying options (rather than creamy textures) that illuminate the face in a sleek and elegant way throughout the day. I highlight my cheekbones, the prominent parts of the nose, the chin, and the upper lip. I’m used to makeup in the morning and not doing makeup fixes during the day. In rare cases, if I have an evening event, I can put some more color before, but otherwise I make sure my look is as natural and fresh as possible. I like the palette also because it is very convenient for travel (and for my upcoming summer destinations).

IsaDora is a leading Swedish cosmetic brand offering high quality, clinically tested products based on the latest industry innovations. Products are fragrance free, which is an indication of high quality (often fragrances are used to mask the odors of some ingredients). The products are in compliance with regulatory quality requirements.

And how about you girls, do you like to makeup yourselves? Which part of the face do you emphasize the most?

Photos: Martina Todorova

Article based on personal experience, in partnership with IsaDora Bulgaria.




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