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It all starts from within


It all starts from within

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Or it was the day I saw myself in the integrity and unanimity as a woman, communications professional and fashion blogger. The moment I set my own positive assessment, just the way I am – experience, knowledge, contacts, community, profession and group of people belonging. This was the situation I was not competing as I just know I’ve got my own place and I keep searching it. The situation I felt deep admiration and complicity for all these people who are doing what I do in my profession, and recognition. Realized that the one thing does not exclude the other, but just builds on it as there always comes a time for change and new direction. The little story which draws the new path, the sense of integrity, of the fact knowledge no matter where acquired can be applied differently. The day a remembered again how important and valuable is the personal contact, the connection, the empathy, the curiosity we are discovering the world and (re)discovering the people around us. Realizing what really matters.

The little story which draws the new path…

Over the last weeks I’ve been feeling on a crossroad many, many times, I’ve tried to press things, to give direction, to control the situation. I am asking myself lots of questions about the blog – to what extent I can reveal my personal world and where is the right balance. This day I found again the harmony and the slightly fuzzed direction. I felt the beauty of the moment – here and now.

Special thanks to Neli Benova for the inspiring Conference Successful communications start from within 2015.

Photo: Victor Stoynov


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