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Paris design week


Paris design week

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 Style inspiratrice_ParisDesignWeek_1Style inspiratrice_ParisDesignWeek_2 Style inspiratrice_ParisDesignWeek_3 Style inspiratrice_ParisDesignWeek_5 Style inspiratrice_ParisDesignWeek_6 Style inspiratrice_ParisDesignWeek_7

That’s a system by Resize design I really liked and hope being able to try in my [new] apartment! For some more info – click here.

Style inspiratrice_ParisDesignWeek_8

Style inspiratrice_ParisDesignWeek_9

Have absolutely no idea what is the purpose of this item…Style inspiratrice_ParisDesignWeek_10

Big and somehow cute bear-lamps Style inspiratrice_ParisDesignWeek_12

And there it is – the rooftop of Wanderlust – really do like the atmosphere, still think the restaurant over there was a bit bizarre…

Style inspiratrice_ParisDesignWeek_13

And some tasty food in the neighborhood 🙂

Style inspiratrice_ParisDesignWeek_14


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