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How do you know if you’ve never tried?!


How do you know if you’ve never tried?!

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I’m pretty sure even if we look at what we are doing and saying even for a day, we will notice dozens of situations we react that way.

And here are two examples:

1.       Till the beginning of the summer I was strongly and firmly convinced I have a very strong fear of heights and was avoiding all possible situations related to high-located experiences. Until the moment, I took over my fear and lifted to 45 meters above the ground on Dinner in the sky platform. Feeling, as well as the view, was so great that I feel really happy for surmounting my a priority and discovering something new.


Style inspiratrice-Dinner in the sky Style inspiratrice-Dinner in the sky1

Style inspiratrice-Dinner in the sky4


2.       Couple of days ago, breakfast time at the hotel in Melbourne, I saw some tiny triangular bites with a plate in front saying “French toasts”. Convinced these were French toasts I bravely put lots of honey on it and took a bite. Well, I am telling you, 100% personal experience, fried FISH and HONEY DO NOT go good together AT ALL!!!


And you, dears, have you got similar experiences? 😉






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