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About art and inspiration : Belle et moi


About art and inspiration : Belle et moi

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The sculpture is created by Rayner Lagemann . The etherial beauty(ful) can be seen until 15 May, as well as some other masterpieces from Lagemann’s most famous projects. Looking at this light and graceful silhouette I made association with ballet art, dance, smoothness of movements. And that’s what we got as a final result: The improvised ballet outfit was composed by a simple top, lovely tulle skirt (see another combo here) and a headband. And, what about you – what were your last inspirations?

The artist: I use metal squares to sculpt the human form, creating works that elicit both the  strength and  delicacy of the body.

_DSC1906 _DSC1918 _DSC1926

Photos by Victor Stoynov


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