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My dreamy destination: New York


My dreamy destination: New York

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I am really excited to include New York in the posts series my dreamy destination! Along with all the movies, TV series, designers, the Fashion Week, this city is a real magnet for me.

I remember when  watching Gossip girl, Slavi and I dreamed of walking around like Blair and Serena, stylish and effortless in the city that never sleeps.
That’s why I decided it was high time to invite her to a photo session inspired by our favorite series during which she would tell me about her last trip to New York!

Why did you choose destination New York?

A trip to New York is on almost anybody’s bucket list. One day I just knew it was the right time to do it.

What impressed you the most there?

Most of the stories that take place in the city show us an enthusiastic young person, arriving in Manhattan in search of a new beginning, but instead, they get robbed by the time they set foot on the street. People are rude, the hustle and bustle crashes their enthusiasm. Well, these stories seem more likely to happen in Sofia, because the people in New York appeared kinder and more caring than we are. On a couple of occasions I’ve noticed people rushing to help a total stranger, and in one of the cases I was that stranger. I feel that nobody here would even bat an eye in situations like those.

Have you found a place that most travel guides fail to recommend, but is definitely worth it?

There are 2 touristic attractions that are not so overhyped , but I think are totally worth the trip. The first one is a museum, hidden away from the crowds on the Upper east side – The Frick Collection. Everything else aside, the collection features 3 Vermeer paintings! The second attraction is the one I recommend as an alternative to the painfully overcrowded Empire state building. It is the Rockefeller center. Even if you are not interested in history, art or architecture (which I doubt, as you are reading this blog), go there for the view from the rooftop terrace.

What to have in mind when planning a trip to New York?

Ladies, a word of advice – pack outfits that pair well with flat shoes. The city is best explored on foot.


Your top 5 must-see places there?

The city is featured in so many of our favorite books, movies and shows, that I guess we all have our own list of must-see places. My personal favorites are SoHo, Washington square, Greenwich village, The High line and a ticket to a Broadway show.


Now, New York is more than ever easy to access thanks to the Air France flights.

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Photos: Martina Todorova, Slavka Stankova



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