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Nature and the city


Nature and the city

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Nature and the city is a journey in time and space, where all that matters is here and now.

Lately, I’ve been more and more interested in creating stories in progress, stories that are not limited to a few days, swirled by the dynamics of everyday life, the campaigns, the news and the events that are at a dizzying pace …

This post needed some time so that I can feel and share its story. The way you feel and talk about a new scent. The way you share an experience with one of your closest people. I love to travel with my sister and I always enjoy to the fullest this quality time. Today’s history began in Paris, continued in Sofia, made reference to New York, to the world of luxury but also – to nature. It is who we are now, but also our memories as children, feeling for spring and summer, sharing, carelessness …

There are two fragrances in the story: Coach Floral EDP and Boucheron Quatre en Rose EDP. We found them in advance in Paris in March, with the kind attention of Capucine and Audrey.

My sister captured these moments in Paris with the feeling of luxury and cosmopolitanism. She captured the inspiration from my meeting with the team involved in creating these compositions and beautiful messages. Each one of us instinctively reached for her own fave. (And, as we are sisters, we also wanted to share and exchange them from time to time as a sweet reminder of presence.)

Coach Floral EDP is inspired by the iconic tea rose,

signature symbol of all fashion accessories of the American brand. Fine and sensual, the scent is like a bouquet of flowers – rose, jasmine sambac and gardenia, citrus heart, pink pepper and base of patchouli and musk notes. A fragrance I associate with summer, youth and carelessness, a scent that can cross continents, driven by a dream. The bottle closes with the iconic Coach – turnlock – which first appeared in 1954! An engraved carriage points to the rich past and craftsmanship of the brand and is complemented by a metal engraved tile and a leather tea rose.

Boucheron Quatre en Rose EDP is the perfume of the dawn


A fragrance that translates to the world of luxury and high jewelry that brings the dream of glamorous experiences and reminds of the iconic Quatre ring of Boucheron. Fragrance of the French savoir-vivre, boldness and lust and charm. Vial that transmits to a different and exclusive world. The perfume is fruity-colored with an oriental flavor, again there is rose, but also mandarin and black currant, jasmine, patchouli and vetiver. Perfume, seemingly daily, but so suitable for long summer evenings.

Photos: Martina Todorova


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