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My experience with the new Vichy Slow Âge Night


My experience with the new Vichy Slow Âge Night

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Vichy is a brand I discovered for myself thanks to my mom who has been using their face creams for years. As for me, I started with the thermal water and with a light eye contour care, some time ago.

I admit I was curious about the new Vichy Slow Âge Night. It was the color that surprised me when I opened the product. My first reaction was to apply it on my face and see if there was any color on it. 😉 I’m quick to reassure you – there is no color after application! The subconscious caramel association accompanies my evening ritual and makes it even more pleasant: it reminds me of caramel sea salt candy (which I love) and it feels like I’m back to France.

Slow Âge Night is a night care – a cream and facial mask in one created to help the skin exposed to everyday stress. The active ingredients are of natural origin and improve oxygen saturation and skin regeneration. The Slow Age range includes antioxidants such as baicalensis root extract (helping to reduce hyperpigmentation related to aging) and resveratrol that stimulates cellular metabolism.
The structure is fine, gel-like and can be applied as a classic cream before bedtime and as a mask 1-2 times a week.

I use the product as a mask once a week, usually on a Sunday, to slow back the return to the strident rhythm of active life and extend the sense of weekend and calmness. I apply a slightly thicker layer on my face (avoiding the eye-contour area) and wait for 10 minutes. Then, massage carefully and remove the amount that did was not absorbed by the skin.

I love the feeling of falling asleep with a pleasant scent – from cream, shampoo, even detergent. At the sensorial level, this cream is extremely pleasant – without being intrusive, as a gentle ending accent of the day.

As a person for whom words are very important, I cannot help but notice how message is formulated: the brand takes on the commitment to delay the appearance of signs of aging – a realistic and reasoned approach.

My skin is sensitive, normal to dry, at risk of pigmentation, and sometimes its tan loses its freshness. After 2 weeks of use, I can say that in the morning the feeling is smooth, fresh, happy skin with a lighter tan. Intensive skin hydration is a natural (and working) means of slowing the appearance of wrinkles. Suitable for all skin types, and for men too. Price-quality ratio is excellent.

Article based on personal experience, in partnership with Vichy.

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