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Every time we travel, it’s a kind of win


Every time we travel, it’s a kind of win

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Do you agree that every time we travel, it’s a kind of win? For me, for years, traveling is one of the most valuable things I invest resources and time in. Travel is like life itself: filled with experiences, emotions, new perception, acquaintances, places, habits …

Besides, as we travel, we also get other, more material benefits. I was putting some order in my flat and I accidentally found my first loyalty card. Can you guess what was it for?
The airline which I was buying my airline tickets from: Air France / KLM and their Flying Blue card.

After having started my active professional life, I got even more convinced loyalty cards are one of the best ways to strengthen the relationship between clients and their favorite brand. Specifically, mine has brought me additional bonuses such as: hotel preferential rates and conditions, rent-a-car services, purchases at airport duty-free shops, airplane upgrade. In addition, the card also gives access to a range of onboard services that contribute to a more enjoyable experience during the flight itself. (For some exclusive onboard experiences, you can take a look here.)


Since early summer my beloved airline is launching new and even more attractive offers for cardholders.
If you subscribe for a Flying blue card, you activate it with the very first flight, and start collecting rewards. The system is easy: every euro spent brings 4 Miles.
Flying blue, the Air France and KLM loyalty card, covers 39 airlines and over 100 non-airline partners from different sectors worldwide.
The principle is easy: the more you fly, the more you win. The system has four levels: Explorer, Silver, Gold, Platinum. They also define the number of experience points (XP) that can be accumulated and lead to a new status level of the holder. Miles will be valid for life as long as an eligible flight is purchased at least once every 2 years via Skyteam members.
The new concept of the loyalty cards is a response to over 15 million members. Their requirements are for:

  • simplicity
  • flexibility
  • clear point-earning system
  • more opportunities for spending accumulated Miles
  • improved digital experience

As of June 2018 there will be new ways for spending Miles:

All seats will be bookable via Miles on flights operated and commercialized by Air France, KLM, Hop!, Joon, Transavia. Number of Miles required for the respective flight depends on the destination and flight dates.

New Bonuses from June 2018: All seats will be reserved for Air France, KLM, Hop!, Joon, and Transavia Bonus Points. The required number of points depends on the destination and date of the flight.
The new option Miles & Cash allows members to pay up to 25% in cash on all reward tickets on flights operated and commercialized by Air France, KLM, Hop! or Joon.


Additionally, the possibility of exchanging Miles for extra luggage, on-board a-la-carte consumption, comfortable seating and promo rewards is maintained.
What about you, guys, do you use loyalty cards?

Article in partnership with Air France / KLM



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