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How to enjoy beautiful skin like the French girls


How to enjoy beautiful skin like the French girls

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Beautiful skin is hydrated skin. What I took away years ago as advice from my French friends is the care and attention to the skin.

Then I witnessed the fact they put much more effort there than in the next steps related to makeup. From these years I learned about several traditional, good French brands, which I always try to have at hand.
Among these brands is L’Occitane. It’s hard to remember when I bought my first product. I’m pretty sure, though, it was probably one of their hand creams, who are my faithful skin savers in the winter cold.

For me, seasons change (from winter to spring and from summer to autumn) is a very tricky moment. Regardless of how well I cared for my skin, this transition requires adjustment and adaptation with appropriate products. My skin is dry and good hydration is always a priority because it helps keep it fresh and protected.

When my skin is dehydrated, except that it becomes super sensitive, it loses its glow and toned appearance. Therefore, in addition to providing it with this valuable moisture, it is important for me to be sure that it will remain in the skin.


Did you know calcium helps skin retaining moisture and hydration ?
It has the ability to slow down the loss of moisture and strengthen the skin. The products from the Aqua Réotier series contain high-quality water from the Réotier spring in the region of Provence.

The 3 in 1 Hydrating System combines glycerin, hyaluronic acid which acts like a magnet to recharge skin with water and calcium to retain moisture for a longer time.

Products of the range are very sensorial. When I put them on my skin, I feel like I’ve been under a waterfall on a summer day. The feeling is very tangible, refreshing and supplemented even visually by the soft blue color of the products. I do not know if it’s possible to literally sense how one’s skin hydrates, but for me the perception is exactly this one.

Here are my daily hydration gestures:
As a first step, I use the Aqua Réotier Water Gel Cleanser. I admit, I initially approached with slight reserves, but it turned out this product is soft and in no way leaves a feeling of stretching the skin or of dryness, irritation. It is suitable for the entire face, avoiding the eye contour. (For that zone I use micellar water.)

After the water gel cleanser I apply the moisture prep essence, which is my great favorite and discovery of the season. It is precisely the product that gives this strong feeling of hydration and freshness of the skin.
Final touch comes with the Ultra Thirst-Quenching Cream. And voilà!

This article is my personal experience in partnership with L’Occitane en Provence.

Photos: Martina Todorova



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  1. Also for my skin the change of season is trick! I'll absolutely try these products by L'Occitaine, because French products are always very good! XOXO Cami

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