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10 fashion things about me


10 fashion things about me

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After writing 10 things about me, couple of months ago, I decided there were 10 fashion facts I did not reveal (or at least – not enough). Here they are:

  1. My all-time favorite fashion brand is Dior. From the charismatic and charmingly superstitious personality of the great Monsieur Dior, through the bright Galliano to Maria Grazia Chiuri today, this is the brand I admire and that inspires me. A brand with legacy, in the spirit of time, supporting causes, bright ideas. A brand that makes me dream.
  2. By the way, my first pair of luxury shoes (which I bought about 10 years ago) was Dior. I was shopping at Le Bon Marché, and guess who was shopping next to me: Linda Evangelista! This made my experience even more memorable. In fact, there are no other shoes that have gone to so many weddings and have helped me through so many dancing nights without any problem. They are priceless 😉

  3. I am very happy with the sustainability of sneakers trend, because although I adore heeled shoes, I have no motivation to walk miles every day risking to spoil my ankle or ruining another pair of shoes.
  4. I feel terrified by tightly fitting body-cone clothes – I do not feel comfortable in them at all (unless it’s about gorgeous skinny jeans)
  5. I took part in the biggest fashion show in the world 😉
  6. I went to Paris in 2010 just to see the Retrospective of Yves Saint Laurent. The most impressive exhibition I’ve seen so far.
  7. I miss the gorgeous years of fairy-tale shows when Galliano was creating for Dior, the years of Thierry Mugler, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Alexander McQueen. I am really sad about the fact I will never be able to see such thing in person because life goes on and today’s world of fashion is completely different.
  8. The craziest fashion thing I’ve ever worn is… a pair of checkered
  9. The fashion trend I totally dislike is related to the code of the 70s. Literally, there is nothing there that could catch my mind.
  10. The color I don’t like on me is purple. It looks so bad on me, that it makes me run away as soon as I spot it! 😉

So, dears, have we got any coincidences here? 😉


Photos: Martina Todorova




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  1. So nice to learn more about you! I love Dior too, but maybe my fashion brand of the heart is Chanel! I don't like purple on me too! XOXO Cami

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