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Why is it important to try different things in fashion?


Why is it important to try different things in fashion?

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A slightly strange choice of title, but why do you think it is important to try in fashion? *

I have often asked this question, often as a note to self, when I realize I have become too conservative and have been wearing almost the same things all the time. This winter I once again bet on the black-dark blue-gray-white / coat-jeans-cashmere sweater-black boots scheme …. and so the weeks have turned into months, and the months – into a whole season.

My inner voice was trying to revolt, but my pragmatic, slightly lazy from the cold and muddy outside, silenced it without any particular scruples. So, opting for functional approach, I spent most of the Fashion Week in Berlin (here you see clearly). I was about to do the same in Paris, but luckily I had an epiphany. Several factors helped me:

  • the boredom of familiar monotony (with a splash of creative energy I was about to recycle the above-mentioned uniform)
  • the upcoming spring and sunnier days
  • the internal impulse for color and change (fortunately, our brain always finds mechanisms to incite us to get out of the boredom routine)

While I was bold to add colors to my wardrobe, I could not help thinking about some fresher shoes. My ideas took on familiar circuits looking for some metallic and / or pink models. 😉
And while I was almost mechanically trying expected patterns and colors in Högl store, my eyes were attracted by a pair of white heeled booties. Quite atypical. I looked at them, and on one hand I admired the fine, exquisite craftsmanship and the sophisticated leather. While holding them in my hand, I could not even imagine them with any of my outfits, no matter how I was challenging my imagination. Luckily, my natural curiosity woke up at the right time, and … the word fascination is perhaps the closest to the feeling I experienced then.

These booties, tried on with black skiny jeans, were so good that I could not take my eyes off the mirror. (I promise to show you with jeans, but here are some visuals on the subject). Needless to say, currently are my biggest favorite, poetically named Angel Suede booties!


Writing this post made me think of that article from 2013 that is worth looking at, not because I was still wearing bangs (yep, I tried that too), but because of … the unexpected end of the story. 😉

* I have a personal story on the beach in Albena many years ago when a young man asked me “how do you know you do not like since you have not tried it?”… 😉

Photos: Rossi, Martina Todorova




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