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Artificial intelligence and our favorite brands


Artificial intelligence and our favorite brands

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Do you think it is odd I’m writing about artificial intelligence here? What is the connection with the blog – you will find out below, I promise it is worth reading.

Much of our lives are directly related to the digital world and technology. (And here I do not mean social networks and their dubious impact on our everyday life.) Focus is on artificial intelligence and the way big brands use it to create a new and different customer experience.

What is artificial intelligence?

According to Techopedia:  artificial intelligence (AI) is an area of computer science that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans. Some of the activities computers with artificial intelligence are designed for include:

  • Speech recognition
  • Learning
  • Planning
  • Problem solving


Why is it used?

At a time of high competition for identical products and services an opportunity for brands to stand out is to provide a different, unique, highly personalized experience that goes beyond the expectations of their customers.
There is a forecast by 2020, 85% of business-to-consumer interaction will be managed through artificial intelligence.

So, imagine you are a big company – like KLM for instance:
KLM has over 25 million fans across platforms. On weekly basis via WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, WeChat and KakaoTalk they receive about 130,000 mentions, 30,000 out of them are queries and comments. A team of 250 people is available 24/7 to answer these inquiries. (It turned out this is the largest social media team in the world, btw!). An average online conversation involves about 5-6 questions. Artificial intelligence picks the most suitable ones from the database and offers an appropriate response to the agent. Thus hybrid approach, with the inclusion of artificial intelligence in human activity, conversations with customers happen very quickly, accurately and personally.

Where do we face artificial intelligence?

As we have seen above, in the first place – in the sphere of a wide range of services related to a huge amount of data. Fashion and luxury industries are also among the great innovators and artificial intelligence early adopters. Many of the luxury watches and jewelry houses integrate AI into communicating with their customers.
In the fashion sector, Dior is among the first to include chat bots that interact with customers and fans on Facebook messenger. This chat service allows personalized and fun communication that creates a positive experience for a wider audience of users – including fans who are not customers but who like the brand very much.

Another example is Burberry – a brand that uses artificial intelligence to fight counterfeit. It is a technology that is based on image recognition and is able to determine from a single picture of a small section whether the product is real or not. Accuracy is 98%!

In the United States, artificial intelligence helps customers of online retailers to choose a crafted set of clothes. The proposal they receive is based on data such as height, kilograms, measurements, color preferences, current trends, and so on. The final selection is reviewed by an stylist-employee and the client receives a customized solution.

According to an  investigation by the Financial Times, artificial intelligence has revolutionized the luxury goods and services industry. The process is in two directions: better customer service and data collection because, in the end what customers want is convenience and conversation with their favorite brands and designers.


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