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14 reasons for not celebrating St Valentine’s day


14 reasons for not celebrating St Valentine’s day

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St Valentines’ day and my 14 reasons for not celebrating it. After sharing with you my thoughts about Halloween and for the New Year celebrations, it was about time to add one more holiday.

I will paraphrase Desi Niko:

I’ve seen far more fun nights than the festive ones and way more significant flowers than the Valentine’s gifts …”

If by the end of January, you feel an increasing vague of anxiety and signs of aesthetic shock, the possibility for them being provoked by approaching St Valentines’ Day is huge. Either in love, single or deeply involved, reasons for not celebrating that day are quite a lot:

  1. Trivial, but fact: if we assume hypothetically we celebrate it purposefully, what happens to the other days? Goodbye to the next St Valentines’ Day? What’s the point to celebrate love in one single day of the year? (wtf, as my grandmother would say) – That’s what I call contradiction.
  2. Everything acquires an already anticipated (and still unjustified) mark-up
  3. Mission restaurant – inflated prices, doubtful quality and impossibility to accommodate without reservation (every year I wonder where all these people are coming from)
  4. Mission club – identical, although this year the day is in the middle of the week but who knows…
  5. A bouquet of flowers is a beautiful gesture throughout the year. Well, on that day, magically, they turn out to be emanation of kitsch, “compensated” with exorbitant price tag: it’s a holiday!
  6. Gifts – every year, I get blind from the “incredible” thematic suggestions designed to overwhelm the loving look. Examples of adequate marketing campaigns on the subject are counted on the fingers of one hand
  7. The feeling of a “mandatory holiday, which must be “fantastic apotheosis” and blah-blah, is in itself highly repulsive. And why do we have act like everybody?
  8. In fact, choosing not to celebrate something so trivial and commercial is taking an adequate stand
  9. Sloppy pix and gushing messages that overflow social networks are not romantic but pathetic.
  10. Kitschy balloons, wrapping papers, souvenirs and other horrible objects that are not only foolish and totally useless but also terrible environment polluters.
  11. Because there is a much more reasoned and adequate occasion on the same day: it is called Trifon Zarezan and celebrates wine.
  12. It falls on Wednesday and Thursday morning we’re at work (not that it’s an excuse for a nice party, but still…)
  13. It is almost impossible for a person to go to a routine aesthetic procedure. Everybody decides to beautify themselves on that day
  14. So, unless your name is Valentine or you have a birthday (like my cousin – all my best to her!) do not waste your time with such commercial and fake “holidays”.


Instead – be in love and celebrate it daily, all year round!

Photos: Martina Todorova


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