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Designers Radar: Vladimir Karaleev


Designers Radar: Vladimir Karaleev

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Along Berlin Fashion Week, I could not help but meet you with one of the beloved designers of the German and international fashion scene – Vladimir Karaleev.

For years, I have been following the fashion he creates and I really like his innovative look, daring ideas, play with contrasts of materials and the feeling of ease and effortless. Check them here!
Here’s what he told me during our recent meeting:

Styleinspiratrice: What inspires you in 2018?
Vladimir Karaleev: Work has always been one of the biggest inspirations for me.

SI: Fashion should be sustainable because…
VK: Because we as human beings have a responsibility towards our surrounding environment and the other people. We are not alone and should think more of the impact we cause with our way of life and I mean – the way we consume fashion for example.

Your favorite occupation:

Your idea of happiness:

Your favorite color:

Your biggest luxury:
Time and friends

Your idea of elegance:

Elegance is intelligence. Elegance has nothing to do with fashion, but the way we find solutions about how we look, how we think, who we are.



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Your style secret:
Style yourself on small time limit, the best solutions always come under pressure.

What should we wear in 2018?
There is no “no go” right now. Wear whatever you feel like. And whatever that is, don’t throw it away in 2019: donate it, sell it, we don’t need any more garbage in the world!


Photos: Martina Todorova


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